COVID-19 Update

Due to the current global pandemic, California closed all salons in March 2020. The governor allowed hair salons to re-open in San Diego County on May 28, after releasing strict guidelines to protect public health. You can read more about these guidelines in the official state publication here: CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH COVID-19 INDUSTRY GUIDANCE: HAIR SALONS AND BARBERSHOPS

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to provide you with the best and safest experience possible during this challenging time.

Rest assured, all of the independent contractors at Mariposa Salon and I are taking this very seriously. After all, our lives — and livelihoods — depend on this, too! If you have any concerns at all, please call us at 858-337-5337.

California has provided strict guidelines for protecting your health and mine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want you to stay healthy and safe and we have implemented several steps to protect all of us:

• We are working reduced hours to limit clients in the salon

• We sterilize all tools and surfaces between each client

• We wear a KN95 mask AND a face shield

• We take my temperature each morning before work

• We am washing and sanitizing my hands many times an hour

• We am practicing extreme social distancing outside of work

• We stay at least six feet away from my coworkers

• The chairs are six feet apart

• We take turns at the shampoo bowls

• We have you process your hair color outside when possible

• The salon uses a hospital-grade air filtration system

• Weather permitting, we are leaving the doors open

• We will put your personal belongings in a ziploc bag

• We sanitize payment touch screens between clients

• We will sanitize your credit card before returning it to you

What I Need From You

We love our clients and stylists, and we are so happy to see you! However, our world has changed and we all need to work together:

• leave your personal belongings inside your car
• you can bring your car keys, cell phone, and credit card
• finish all food and drink before you come inside
• do not bring any guests or children with you
• text me when you arrive
• wait outside the salon until I come get you
• avoid hugs, handshakes, or similar greetings
• allow me to take your temperature before you come inside
• wear a face mask with ear loops at all times inside the salon
• wash or sanitize your hands vigorously as soon as you come in
• stay six feet away from all other clients and stylists
• sanitize your hands again if you touch your face or mask

ALSO, and this is VERY important:

• if you have been exposed to COVID-19, please CANCEL
• if you’re experiencing any symptoms, please CANCEL
• if you have traveled to any of the hotspots, please wait 14 days


You may notice several changes at the salon during your visit. You may see fewer clients in the salon, and we have stopped offering food or drink during appointments.

You may also see stylists cleaning and cleaning and cleaning! And we’ll ask you to wait patiently outside while we finish sterilizing all surfaces before you can come in. This process takes about 10 minutes between each client. We really appreciate your understanding.