From Our Happy Clients

  • Super Stylist

    Lanie Sigler is a Super Stylist!! I was really scare to try a new stylist so decided first to talk to salons guru ;). Was pleasantly surprised how Lanie felt her confidence and complete understanding of my worries. She kindly introduce me with her clients portfolio… So I took all my strength and went to salon for a colour and refreshing my fringe ( bang). Yay!!! Lanie is a total magician! I am more than happy with a result. My hair does look natural, shiny and 100% ready for summer! Highly recommend Mariposa Salon!

    Cleo C.
  • Extremely Happy!

    I only wish I had found Rebecca Franks, Great Lengths, and SoCal Hair Extensions sooner! I have always had thin, fragile, can’t-grow-it-any-longer hair… So I finally decided to check out extensions. Love them! Never going back! I have had GreatLengths (only 2’ish bundles) 2x now, and they are marvelous! I get tons of compliments. I almost never have a bad hair day – cause even on days I don’t wash my hair, my ponytail is soooo much better! They are very low maintenance (no more visits to the salon than my normal highlight appts), last for months and months (I’ve never had a Great Lengths piece come out on accident), and don’t adversely impact my life (ie. don’t affect my sleep, my swimming, or working out). Just love them! Rebecca really knows what she is doing! Some of my friends claimed that they would be able to spot extensions for sure – they had no idea that I had extensions added… other than they couldn’t figure out why I had perfect long, thick hair all of a sudden. Love, love, love Rebecca and her hair skills!

    Kate P.
  • This is Amazing!

    Deborah Knight is the best hair stylist (and she is also very easy on the eyes)!! I am extremely careful with my hair and reluctant to trust just anyone to cut, color and style my hair…and Deborah has proved to be extremely trustworthy and professional. I see her every five weeks and am always delighted with her work! After I moved to San Diego in 1999, I kept going back to northern California for haircut and color until a friend recommended Deborah in 2007. Since then, she is my favorite! Everywhere I go, perfect strangers stop and ask me who cuts my hair. Deborah is a perfectionist and she works miracles to add texture and direction to my fine blond hair. She combines an intelligent approach with her own gifted technique and artful application of knowledge and skill. She takes the time to consult with me, and she has the ability to listen and remember our conversations from months (and years) ago.

    Kas P.
  • They Were Wonderful!

    I was worried in the first salon. But they were wonderful. I recommend Ariel. A haircut skill is high. And she’s nice. Thank you

    Ariel! -N T.
  • All in One Shot

    The Salon is very clean and relaxing and the staff is welcoming and super friendly. I like that you can go to one spot to do your hair, get your nails done, buy product and make-up all in one shot. Rebecca the owner, does an amazing job on my super thick and long blonde hair. She really listens to what I want and is a perfectionist!!! I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

    Lisa W.
  • Impressive Salon

    Impressive salon. Fabulous decor. Professional, talented staff. The salon is a very relaxing environment with great snacks and drinks. Rebecca, Lanie and Deborah are lovely to work with and really care. They will do what it takes so you are 110% thrilled with your hair. I sought out short hair specialists including low-lites/hi-lites. I have gone back after a few days to make minor adjustments to the cut or color at no charge. It is worth your time to check them out especially if you live in North County.

    Linda A.
  • I Absolutely Love My Nails

    First time coming to Mariposa Salon. The place is super clean and nicely decorated. I absolutely love my nails. The service was amazing and she makes sure your nails come out perfectly. This is the first salon I’ve ever been to where they put so much care into your nails. Thank you Jennifer!!! If you need to get your nails done I highly recommend Mariposa Salon! Booking is also done by phone or online!

    Gina Y.
  • Salon is Very Nice, Clean & Modern

    Lanie is THE best! She does a terrific job on my hair and is extremely thorough. Her process takes far less time than other salons and I always leave LOVING my hair. Salon is very nice, clean and modern. So glad I found Lanie!

    Cleo C.
  • Knows Exactly What I Like

    Deborah Knight has been my hair designer for about 4 years now and I love her! She knows exactly what I like I would not change her for the world. No one understands my hair like she does.

    Cleo C.
  • I'm So Happy

    Ariel is my new hairdresser! I’m so happy that I found her! She recently introduced me to hair extensions and I just LOVE them! I was always curious about hair extensions – so when she asked me if I ever thought about adding length and thickness to my hair – I decided to try it! It’s an investment – but one well worth it in my opinion. They are awesome!!! For anyone thinking about doing hair extensions for the first time- I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Ariel- she’s wonderful!!! Thanks Ariel :).

    Jessica G.
  • Continues to be Amazing

    Rebecca continues to be amazing. My hair has never looked this good. I usually get tired of stylists but she’s a genius. I’ll be coming to her for the rest of my life.

    Mary P.
  • Funny Story

    Ok, funny story… Way back in 2004 I was a little tipsy after a very disappointing super bowl game. Being a little intoxicated, I decided to give myself layers…lol bad idea, I did horrible reverse layers and having thin hair and a big round head this was bad. Very bad, at the time I was Rebecca’s Pilates instructor, she felt bad for me as her poor young hungover trainer came to train her on a Monday morning… She had to fix me and couldn’t let me live that way. I started off with 6 bundles of beautiful long mermaid hair down to my mid back. The extensions are great quality and completely natural. Rebecca blends colors perfectly. They have allowed my hair to grow thicker and stronger than ever. This is not a ghetto knock off weave, this is what the stars get! 6 years later I’m still getting them, only 2 bundles now though since my hair is long.

    Allison B.
  • It's Gorgeous

    I came here on a whim, after researching hair extensions for a wedding I am in next weekend. I met with Rebecca and she was wonderful! Gave me great suggestions, didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t want or need! She accommodated my hectic moving schedule and did my hair with great timing! It’s gorgeous and she’s right, I’ve grown addicted!!’ Best part is nobody even realizes I had it done I recommend her highly!

    Laura N.
  • Loved the Pedicure

    Loved the pedicure I got today from Jennifer. My toes and feet feel awesome and the color is so fun!

    Christie S.